6 Energy Vampires – No.3: Clutter in your home

Tip, how to free yourself from baggage

Clearing out dirt and unnecessary furnishings has a liberating effect on body and mind and can even alleviate sleep problems and improve professional success. However, it is often difficult to let go of possessions.

The “three-box method” can help with decluttering:

  • The first box is for all the belongings you want to keep. These items do not necessarily remain in your home. In any case, they remain in your possession.
  • The second box is for all items that you no longer need. However, they are too good to throw away. These items are ideal for giving away or even selling.
  • The third box is for items that have no value or use. They end up in the bin and are disposed of properly.

Another tip: Don’t take on too much at once, as this can have a “paralyzing” effect. Instead, approach it in stages.