6 Energy Vampires – no.6: Plants in your home

Take care when choosing plants

Houseplants and cut flowers have a positive influence on people in their living environments in many ways. While the leafy greens are calming and the scents of flowers have a soothing effect, plants, as living organisms, filter pollutants from the air in the room and thus promote a healthy climate for employees and managers. In addition, they reduce noise levels, regulate moisture levels, and produce oxygen.

However, plants can also bring negative energy. And are therefore able to lower the energy level of the room. Which is why they then act as energy vampires. Therefore, pay attention to the following points:

  1. Avoid plants with pointed leaves such as the Yucca palm.
  2. Avoid plants with spines, such as cacti
  3. Dead plants should be removed immediately
  4. Take care of sick plants. If they can no longer be saved, then remove them.