Feng Shui & geobiology for your home office

Energetic working thanks to Feng Shui in the home office

– energetic working-

Many of us now work from home.
But is there a wall behind you, are the shelves closed, and which accessories decorate the office?:
According to the rules of Feng Shui,
there are many aspects that are disruptive and need to be taken into account.
That’s exactly what the consultation is about:
In the first step, we detect interference fields, measure them, and shield them.
In the second step, we get the Qi flowing in your home office through targeted room design.
Together, we ensure that you are energized,
satisfied and as stress-free as possible when working from home,
either through an on-site or online consultation.

Set up your own home office according to Feng Shui

How do you feel when you enter your home office? Is it already your paradise? Or has it been on your mind for a long time that this room really needs an update because you feel like something is holding you back? However, do you have no idea how to design it so that the energy flows the way you imagine?

Feng Shui is not (just) about a pleasantly furnished office, but rather about the feeling you have about your workplace.

The more comfortable you are in your office, the clearer and more focused you will be. This in turn significantly increases your professional success – regardless of whether you are employed in the home office, work independently from there or pursue a part-time passion.

Take a look around you: where do you look from your desk? What things do you surround yourself with at work? Do you see many corners and edges? Do you feel comfortable with a wandering gaze? Do you already receive sufficient support for your ideas and projects? We will address all these questions and many more together.

As a result, you will learn how to design your home office so that you work in a healthy and vital environment. It will also bring you closer to your desires and goals and help you live out your abilities.

Feng Shui in the home office: What you will receive from me in the consultation

Feng Shui consultation for your home office: prices

Every home office is different.

One is situated in a generously furnished room, the other in a separate room in the middle of the living area.

The Feng Shui approaches are as different as the requirements.
Therefore, you will receive an individual offer from us that is tailored to your needs.

Let’s find out together how interior design according to Feng Shui
in the home office can best help you work productively
– so that you feel vital, relaxed, and energetic.