Feng Shui & geobiology for your home

Consultation for your apartment or house

– Your Home –

Free your home from interference fields, create places of power and get the Qi flowing.
This is how success, joy, effortlessness, and harmonious coexistence come into your life.
Our Feng Shui & geomancy consultations for your home are available both on site and online.

Furnish your apartment or house according to Feng Shui

Would you like to furnish a specific room, such as your living room, according to Feng Shui? Or maybe even your entire apartment or house? No matter which option you choose, with both you will receive individual advice for your home – including tailor-made, modern Feng Shui analysis as well as a measurement of interference zones (electro-smog, water veins and more). To suit your style, budget, and lifestyle.

By analysing the Qi flows and eliminating interference zones, we get the Qi flowing again in your living spaces.

In addition, we use Bagua analysis to show you how you can invite prosperity and health into your home. Together we will design your rooms so that you feel comfortable and secure there and, at the same time, support your life goals through the targeted furnishing of your rooms.

We also set up power spots so that your home becomes your energy charging station.

“First we shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us”

– Winston Churchill –

What you will receive from me in the Feng Shui consultation for your home

Feng Shui consultation for your home: prices

Not every house is the same, not every apartment is the same as the next.
Feng Shui & geomancy for your home are very individual.
You will therefore receive a tailor-made offer that meets your needs and ideas.

So let’s find out together
how Feng Shui can best help you live,
work and sleep the way you want.