Feng Shui & geobiology when renovating or building a new building

Building healthy and sustainable buildings according to Feng Shui criteria

Are you entering a new phase in your life and are you planning a new building for private or business purposes? Or would you like to give a new boost to your existing building by renovating it? In both cases, Feng Shui methods can play a central role. It starts with the location of the property and the orientation of the house, and ultimately extends to the choice of color for the walls. In a consultation on site or online, I will show you what is important according to Feng Shui for a new building or renovation.

Interference zones play an important role

Before a building is constructed according to Feng Shui, it is advisable to consider the strengths, weaknesses, and characteristics of the property.

This involves examining the planned property for interference zones. In a consultation, we will explain to you how these environmental stress factors, such as electro smog, can be kept to a minimum in your future house, apartment, or commercial building. This also applies if you are planning a renovation.

Together with architecture that is tailored to people according to Feng Shui (including building biology), healthy living or stress-free working can be promoted. Together, we look at the characteristics of the individual rooms – especially when renovating according to Feng Shui – and create plans based on Feng Shui principles.

Timing is important: the earlier we are involved as Feng Shui consultants, the better mistakes can be avoided.

Feng Shui for a new building or renovation: What you will receive from me

Feng Shui consultation for new buildings or renovations: prices

If you are already planning your new building or renovation, this will come as no surprise to you:
there are endless combinations of how you can design your new building.
The situation is similar with Feng Shui. Even if there are clear guidelines and rules, every location is individual.
You will therefore receive an offer for your Feng Shui consultation tailored to you and your house,
your apartment or your commercial building, your renovation or new building.

Let us realize your plans together right from the start so that your building becomes a healthy oasis of well-being.