6 Energy Vampires – No.3: Clutter in Business

How to free yourself from baggage


Clearing out dirt and unnecessary files, emails, etc. helps to ensure that work can run smoothly. So: no more unnecessary searching. This often has such a liberating effect that people can work more productively, which significantly improves their professional success. However, it is often difficult to take the time to declutter during the stress of work, from the warehouse to data storage.

The 5S elements of the Kaizen method can help with decluttering: Sorting

  • Sorting
  • Systematize
  • Cleaning
  • Standardize
  • Independent improvement

Sorting: The first step is clearing out. Everything unnecessary for the workplace is sorted out. Items that are no longer needed are stored in a specific place until their final whereabouts are determined.

Systematize: Next, a storage or filing system is determined for all remaining utensils. Things that are constantly needed find their place on the desk, everything else can be labeled and stored in a roll container, for example.

Cleaning: the third step is to clean thoroughly.

Standardize: In order to maintain order and cleanliness, standards are defined for cleaning plans, work areas, etc.

Constantly improving: This requires self-discipline. However, a reminder in the calendar can help, for example. Or even 5S audits. How about a monthly decluttering competition?

Tip: Don’t take on too much at once, as this can have a “paralyzing” effect. Rather, approach it in stages.