My courses and seminars for you

Building healthy and sustainable buildings
(Consultation on site or online)

Get the Qi flowing in your home so that lightness, success and joy come into your life.

In my lectures, you will not only learn the basics of Feng Shui, but also how to recognize a lack of energy and how to change it using simple tricks so that your home becomes your source of energy.

With many practical and clear examples, it will be easy for you to redesign your environment.

Learn to interpret your own Lo Shu numbers,
or those of your environment. I will accompany you to become a Taoist numerologist.

Numerology is an incredibly precise tool for learning everything important about ourselves. By analyzing the date of birth, we get an accurate and meaningful picture of our character via the Lo Shu square.

Would you like to delve deeper? Create evaluations for others?

Or even reorient yourself professionally?

Then contact me and I will train you to become a numerologist.

Feng Shui

Healthy living with Feng Shui

Transform your rooms into your oasis of well-being

You probably know the feeling that you feel very comfortable in some rooms and not in others. Where does this feeling come from?

The subconscious perceives the environment in which we find ourselves through our body and triggers a mood. This can be explained by the fact that there are rooms with low energy levels, and on the other hand, there are rooms with high energy levels from which we can draw strength.


I want to show you how you can create a home that increases your energy level so that you feel vital and healthy.

Children in balance - and the power of space

What environment does a baby/toddler/school child actually need in order to develop optimally? e.g. to be creative, discover the world, concentrate on crafting, painting or even to do homework?

The room design plays a major role in these points. (Such as colours, decoration, interference fields, etc.)

It also influences whether a child sleeps peacefully or wakes up frequently at night.

In this webinar, you will receive tips on how to make your child’s room harmonious and inviting.

Taoist numerology consultant training

In just 2 days, learn how you can find out a lot about a person in just a few minutes using their date of birth.

With this you will be able to coach people to achieve their purpose, whether it be professional or private.

For example, whether they have a job that matches their character traits. Or whether the team members of a company complement each other.

It will help you personally make the right decisions and avoid making the wrong ones.

What you will learn:

The following attributes can be interpreted from the Lo Shu analysis:

Character traits, assets, willpower, how does the person interact with those around him, does a person have willpower and stamina, is the person emotionally balanced, does the person have the ability to implement projects, does the person receive support from those around them, what are the strengths as well challenges etc.

Are you wondering, can all of this really be determined from the date of birth? The answer is a resounding YES!

Many of my customers were very touched by the concrete and clear information that can be read from Taoist numerology.

For myself, this knowledge brings with it a lot of compassion and understanding for those around me.