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Arrive, breathe in, feel good. Your home should be your haven of peace, your place to retreat to, your place of strength. With my room concept, problems with sleep or concentration, for example, can be eliminated. I would be happy to advise you on how this is possible in your rooms.


How successful is your company? How high is the sick leave? Or the fluctuation? With Fengh Shui & geomancy, you not only create spaces that support your success and your employees, but also a unique selling point that sets you apart from other companies.


Plan a building right from the start so that it is healthy for people and the environment. I not only look at the building materials, but also work with the architect to develop the floor plan so that well-being in the building becomes a matter of course. We also delve into the individual interior design.

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Cornelia Schmid

Feng Shui & Tao geobiology expert, Qi-Mag®

Natural science still fascinates me today. As a child I explored the animal and plant world. Always looking to understand life and its connections. So, it was natural, influenced by my thirst for knowledge, that I became a natural scientist.

While building our own house, sustainability and creating an oasis of well-being were important to me. Both inevitably led me to Feng Shui. A natural science that is thousands of years old.

And so began my training as a qualified (SL) Feng Shui consultant at the International Qi Mag Institute.

Looking back, I can report from my own experience how effective Feng Shui is.

More energy in your rooms and your life - here’s how:

First consultation & get to know each other

Free initial consultation, clarification of wishes and goals of the analysis.

Proposal preparation

Sending the floor plan, the address, and photos of the object.

Viewing of the object and site

Measuring the building, interference zone analyses, harmonization. Additional photos taken during on-site visits. (Not possible with online consultation).

Concept development

Extensive, written elaboration of a concept with necessary solutions and measures.


Discussion of the concept as well as possible implementable solutions and measures.

Final review on-site

Final check of the execution of the concept on site – max. 3 months after assignment. (Not possible with online consultation).



The secret power of number.
Immerse yourself
and get to know yourself,
your employees or your children better.


We are more than just matter.
But if your organism
is to function,
the energy must also be right.
It should flow freely in your body.
But we are often accompanied
by energy blockages,
which then trigger illnesses.


In my presentations,
you will not only learn the basics of Feng Shui,
also how to recognize a lack of energy
and change it with simple tricks.

Numerology is an incredibly precise tool
for learning everything important
about ourselves.
With the analysis,
we get an accurate and meaningful picture
of our character.
Would you like to delve deeper?
Then contact me
and I will train you to become a numerologist.