6 Energy Vampire – no. 1: Energy must flow

Let the air flow

Poor air quality disturbs your concentration, which makes it harder for you to work productively. It also has a negatively impact on your well-being. You probably know the feeling when the air in a conference room, for example, is exhausted. This can cause fatigue, dizziness, headaches or even heated discussions to flare up. Bad air suffocates any positive energy. That’s why it’s important to ventilate well on a regular basis to create a pleasant, fresh room atmosphere. If air can circulate freely, so can life energy.

Instructions on how to analyze the energy flow in your building:

  1. Open all windows and doors (including the front door)
  2. Observe the development of air movement
  3. Which windows/doors slam shut first?

–> The main flow of Qi flows through these spaces

  1. Rooms in which there is no noticeable draft are undersupplied with Qi.