6 Energy Vampires – no. 2: Furnishing style

Yin & Yang rooms

In Feng Shui, rooms are divided into two different room types, Yin & Yang rooms. How do the rooms differ?

Yang rooms: active rooms, such as the meeting room or the living room in the private home.

Yin rooms: represent tranquility, such as your own office, where contracts are drawn up, or in private, the bedroom.

The perfect balance can only be achieved when rooms have both yin and yang attributes. This means, for example, in a Yang space, Yin elements should also be present and vice versa to ensure the balance between these two energies.

But what is Yin & Yang? You can see this in the table:


Pastel colors
Pillows & blankets
Textured fabrics
Wooden floors


Daylight lamps
Strong colors
Bare sofa
Smooth fabrics
Tiled floor