Energy therapy for more strength in everyday life

Energetic therapy: Heal, recover, invigorate

Do you lack energy at times? Do you feel weak, have a headache or are you not feeling well as a result of an operation? Or do you want to take precautions and ensure that you don’t get sick in the first place? Energy therapy could be just the right solution for you. You can relax, recover, get well again, and gather strength for your everyday life. I will accompany you – whether on site or from a distance.

Energy therapy: Healthy and sick people benefit equally

If you are healthy, you can take preventative measures with energy therapy. In doing so, you take care of your body, your mind, and your soul. You take responsibility for your health so that your body and mind are not put under strain in the first place – and you return to your everyday life invigorated.

If you are ill, which can range from a simple headache to discomfort after operations, I will balance your vibrations (meridians). Because: Your energy flow is disrupted by an illness. Your vibration is a little out of sync. Scientific studies now prove that, for example, diseased tissue has a different vibration than originally healthy tissue.

This is exactly where we work together as part of energetic psychotherapy to bring your tissue back into balance.

Energetic healing is a gentle method and one thing above all: ancient healing knowledge. I intervene in the course of your illness through energy transfer and energy balancing. This supports your healing and also activates your self-healing powers.

“Be kind to your body, so that your soul desires to live within it.” – Theresa von Avila

What awaits you in energy therapy

Benefits of energetic treatment

Energy therapy: prices

Energy therapy costs you 120 euros per hour.
I will be happy to come to you wherever you are –
travel costs will be charged separately.
This investment in yourself is worth it.
Always remember: everything you do today is for tomorrow’s future.