Feng Shui & geomancy for the children’s room

So that your children feel comfortable: Feng Shui in the children’s room

We do everything for our children.
We look after them almost every minute, especially when they are small.
Sleeping, playing, learning: a lot of this takes place in the children’s room for years, where the little ones grow up and mature.

Feng Shui not only eliminates interference fields such as electro smog,
but also uses the room design to create an atmosphere in which your child feels comfortable in their room.
The following Feng Shui rules, among others, play a role: What is the location of the children’s room?
What about electronic devices in the children’s room? How are the windows and doors arranged?
These are all factors that influence the flow of energy, Qi, among other things.

In a consultation at your location or online,
we will determine how you can get the Qi flowing for your child – so that he or she can develop optimally.

What is important in the children’s room

The children’s room has to meet different requirements in a small space – your children sleep, play and learn in one place. Implementing this sensibly is a challenge.

It is not uncommon for there to be sleep problems, difficulty concentrating while learning, frequent infections, lack of energy or extreme restlessness. Is it a mystery to you how to deal with this and where the possible sources of these problems lie?

One way you can find out so that you can support your child or children even better is to have a conducive and harmoniously designed children’s room – free of interference.

For example, I’ll show you what role the position of the bed plays and how to align your desk and other furniture with enough storage space so that your child is optimally supported. The colors and materials used to decorate the room also play an important role. Everything in an optimal combination, put together according to Feng Shui, will help your child grow into a happy and self-confident person.

“An empty child’s room is a story waiting to happen – the author of the story is your child.” – unknown author

Feng Shui in the children’s room: what you will receive from me

Feng Shui consultation for the children’s room: prices

Would you like to do something good for your child?
Let it grow up in the best possible environment?
Then a Feng Shui consultation for the children’s room is just the thing.

Together we will identify the sources of interference and set up your child’s room so that the Qi can flow.
Since every child’s room is different, you will receive an individual offer from me.

Let’s find out together how you can optimally support your child with Feng Shui.