Feng Shui & geobiology in business

What role does Feng Shui play in business and your company?

If the numbers in controlling don’t add up, an analysis follows.
What adjustments need to be made to achieve the goals? The situation is similar with Feng Shui.
Feng Shui advice makes sense, not only in a private context but also in a professional context.
We create a pleasant atmosphere and get the Qi flowing in your company.

In a consultation on site or online, we will explain to you which Feng Shui measures will support your business.

Western work culture meets Eastern science

Our daily activities are often characterized by a hectic pace and goals. Months, quarters, years – we are guided by deadlines and appointments. Feng Shui helps to reduce this level of stress to a minimum. Business Feng Shui combines Western work culture with the Eastern science of interior design.

Use your space resources to positively support your company’s goals and thus optimize your professional success. Create a sustainable and, above all, healthy working environment for you and your employees – for example by choosing electro smog-free headphones. This can help reduce fluctuation, your team is more balanced, less sick, and more focused on your goals.

Use a Feng Shui analysis to find out where interference areas lie in your work area. This is the first essential step in creating an environment in which Qi can flow freely.

Because: Interference fields have a significant influence on our well-being. Water veins or earth faults, for example, can have a strong influence on us through their radiation. The consequences are, for example, declining concentration and motivation.

As part of the Feng Shui consultation for your business, we analyze both the management rooms and the rooms of all employees. All employees should feel comfortable in the premises so that they can work more motivated, productively, and creatively. A win-win situation because they will help the company to be more successful.

Regardless of whether it is the financial sector, industry, trade, hotels, gastronomy, or IT: Business Feng Shui & Tao Geomancy is suitable for companies from all areas and industries.

Business Feng Shui: What your company receives from me

Feng Shui business consultation for companies: prices

One-man business, small architect’s office, large industrial group: every company is different.
Together we will develop an offer for your individual Feng Shui consultation for your business.
This means you receive exactly the guidance that will advance your business.

Everything you do today is for the future of tomorrow –
and therefore also for the future of your employees.

Let’s work out together how Feng Shui can support your company.